Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Its farz (Mandetory) for every muslim to perfom his Salah ( Namaz ) daily 5 times. There are many non-arab muslim across the world who doesn’t know arabic language which is read in Salah. Most of the muslims feel that they can’t concentrate while performing thier salah. One of the biggest reason for this is that they don’t understand what they read in Salah. So, in order to get concentration in Salah, get Taqwa and get closer to Allah we have to understand what we recite in Salah. Insha Allah, Here in this series of course we will show you how to perform salah and what are the meaning of what is read in salah and also related Hadiths.

Importance of Understanding the Salah:

How to perform Salah :

Here we have placed few videos to learn how to perform Salah (Namaz) for new learner. In the next part we will teach you Sana and its meaning.

In Salah, we have rakats. Here is the table of how many rakats that needs to be read at different times.


Prayer timings

Dawn (Fajr), noon (Dhur), mid-afternoon (Asr), sunset (Maghrib), and nightfall (Isha)

In Each rakat, Following needs to be done:



Surah Fataha

Another Surah or 3 verses

Then Ruku

Then 2 Sajdas

These will be explained well in next series.

Next Understand Dua-e-Ibraheem(AS) and Sana





Next Understand Dua-e-Ibraheem(AS) and Sana

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