Bismillah Hir Rahman Nirraheem

There are many muslim who don’t read Quran. Very few read it and very few understand it. Main problem for this is that there are many non-arab muslims who doesn’t know Arabic. The Holy Quran is the manual for Human and Jinn which must be read. Quran is the message of Allah (SWT) to Humans and Jinns. There is no exception to learn, read and understand Quran. Don’t be lazy start now.

In this Course / series videos help you to understand Quranic Arabic helps you to

Audience : Who wants to understand the Quranic Arabic

Motto: To understand 30-50% of Quran words.

Pre-requisite: Reading Arabic

Speaker : Dr AbdulAzeez AbdulRaheem

Source : , ,

Target: 19 videos series. Listen daily one video and practice it perfectly. Insha Allah this will help you to understand Quran and salah.

Request: Please please complete the full course , its spiritual urgency for everyone to understand Quran. Also, do remember to pray to Allah for me & my parents & Ummah in your Duas.

Quran is easy

Quran is easy

Quran is easy. See the ayah:


Too lazy to Understand Quran :

Indroduction of the Course Understand Quran:


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