The Holy Quran is the miracle and the manual given to us by the Almighty Allah (SWT) through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Please watch, understand it, this will help to increase your faith of truth. Please share to spread the message of One God.  Let people know that polytheism is the mistake they are doing now which was done in the past and is the biggest sin. Insha Allah, Please watch completely and share it.

To read the Holy Quran – Click Here

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Holy Quran pdf in your language – Check here

Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism and thier holy books says the same message that God is only one. Worship only one God and do good deeds. polytheism is the biggest crime. All the messengers gave the same message of One God. Read Quran, read the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other prophets (PBUT).

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